Into the hall

After the success of yesterday’s free range on the sofa, today we set up a cage bottom with a towel and a few cardboard items to free-range the litter in the hall. Sansa has become a lot more friendly, presumably as her babies are a bit more demanding now and she’s happier to escape them!

2013-09-10 21.30.32

In fact, today marked the first time we’d seen a baby manage to get into the hammock we’d put in the cage to allow Sansa some respite. No rest for the wicked!

The babies are still very small and they run out of energy pretty quickly. They all piled into the cardboard box and fell asleep after a few minutes. Sansa roamed far and wide however, the first time in a couple of weeks she’s been able to come out of her cage and stretch her legs.

JamiexSansa 10/09/13

JamiexSansa 10/09/13






In other news, we have some visitors to the rattery: a quartet of girls we’re looking after while one of our friends is away on honeymoon. Unfortunately, Moulin (RBPS, below left) has been ill, and is now on antibiotics. She seemed to perk up this afternoon so fingers crossed. Her sister, Star (Siamese, below right) and her seem very close.

Moulin and Star

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