New arrivals and Christmas Show fun!

Sorry for the delay in updating, but there has been lots going on here recently! We have had a very exciting weekend, so here goes….

Saturday was the NFRS Christmas Annual Cup and Self show at Bridgstock. It was a wonderful day out, seeing lots of friends and enjoying a scrumptious buffet. πŸ™‚ Results-wise, we had rather a good day too! Comis Adam won best Silver Fawn, best AOV and Stud buck (again!) gaining 3 stars which takes him to only one off Silver Champion. Milliways Awkward also did us proud, winning best champagne and Reserve best in Show in the self show and getting her first two stars. Both of these (stud buck & RBIS) came with cups, so we have our first Milliways silverware.

We also brought home four new additions on Saturday. Cat from Gallifrey rattery brought down the kittens for my striped roan line! Stop-It & Tidy-Up have gone happily in with Random and Awkward, bringing my doe count up to four. They are confident as well as gorgeous, and will be a wonderful addition to my group. I have yet to name the two bucks, but we are thinking hard. πŸ™‚ They are currently getting to know the other boys, and have no fear of the bigger boys! This confidence did cause a few problems, as my boys do not like other rats stealing the food right out of their mouths…. Things have settled down now, so hopefully they will all start to get on well.

Plans for them will not start until Spring next year, but we do have other ideas before that, so please keep an eye on the litter pages and the news here!

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