Etham Show – 15/02/14

We had another great show day on Saturday at Eltham. It was a slightly quieter show than usual due to the horrible weather conditions, but nonetheless it was still lovely to see lots of friends and I also got the opportunity to steward for the Varieties judge which is always a great learning experience.

We took nine rats to enter this time – 8 in varieties and one in pets. Stop-It gave the pet judge kisses and in return was given 3rd adult owned pet. 🙂 She also loved seeing all the people and made lots of new friends! All the others did me proud as well, and we came home with best champagne (Awkward), best self (Awkward), best roan/striped roan (Tidy-Up) and stud buck (Adam). We also got four stars on three rats; Awkward got two taking her to 4, Tidy-Up got her first one and Adam got one which takes him to 8 and a Silver Champion!

Everybody was exhausted when we got home, but were treated to a special dinner of mackerel and cous cous, so I think they all had a great day!

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