How many rats can you fit in a cube?Breeding Aims

My main aim in breeding is to produce happy, healthy rats that will make wonderful pets for many people. The wellbeing of my rats comes first, and I will only breed from rats I consider to have the type and personality that I wish to encourage. I will also only breed from rats from reputable breeders (whose ethics I agree with) and whose pedigree is known. Secondary to this is to improve the variety as a whole, and hopefully breed rats that will excel on the show bench.


I will ask all potential kitten homes to fill out an application form, and if you home from me, to sign a contract. All kittens must be homed in at least pairs, unless there will be same aged company, and will not be ready until 6 weeks old at the earliest. Some kittens will take longer than this to mature, and I will not home them until I believe they are ready. If, in the event of you not being able to care for the rats any more, they must come back to me as first refusal.


Currently I plan to breed for black and agouti striped roans in smooth coat and top ear. Due to the nature of this variety, there will be a lot of variation in markings and no two kittens will look the same. I will also be breeding champagne and silver fawn. From this line there is also the possibility of dumbo. See below for examples of these varieties.

Champagne dumbo


Silver Fawn


Black Roan


Black Striped Roan


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