Proud to introduce the 2nd Milliways litter!

I am very happy to introduce the second Milliways litter.  They are 11 days old and very chubby. We have 3 SF does and one champagne buck – all top ears. Awkward was a bit of a vague mum to begin with, and as there were only 4 surviving kittens I wanted to wait until I was sure they were OK before I announced anything…


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Plans are afoot

I am very excited to announce that plans are afoot for the start of the Milliways striped roan line!

Gallifrey Tidy-Up and Warrensark Magic will be going to Halcyon Stud during May to be mated up to Raglan & Foo (Agouti bucks). These first litters will not contain any roan rats, but they will all be carriers. I can then use these rats to breed the first Milliways striped roans.

Watch this space for updates on how these plans continue. 

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The Girls go exploring

See the Milliways ladies explore their new rat room. I think they are trying to see who can climb as high as possible…….

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New Rat Room

Milliways Rattery has moved and the small beasties have their own room! There are a couple more things I want to add and rearrange, but I love it and so do they. ImageImageImageImage

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Milliways is moving!

I would like to apologise for any delay in response if you have contacted us recently. We are currently in the process of moving house, so there is a lot going on! Please bear with me, and I will get round to answering my emails as soon as possible.

We are staying in the Southampton area, but moving to a larger house. I am really looking forward in having a room set up just for the rats! Once we are in, and it is all sorted, I will post some pictures of the rat’s new accommodation. 🙂

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No litter for Random

I am sorry to announce that Random was not pregnant as we thought, and so there will be no kittens at Milliways for a while now. I am planning on trying her with Adam again and will see how it goes. However, if she does not take the second time I will rethink as to what I want to do with the Silver Fawn/Champagne line.

Tidy-Up, Mess & Magic are now 5 and 4 months old respectively and growing up nicely, so I will start having a think about which of them to breed from and find some suitable bucks. Once I come to any conclusions I will update on here.

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Bye-Bye Jamie & More breeding plans!

Jamie went on a little holiday yesterday to stay with Michele at Comis Stud. He will be mated to Sansa again, as she is looking very well and they produced wonderful kittens from their first litter. He should be back with us soon, but we are missing him already!

I have also decided to mate up Random to Adam next weekend. They are both looking really good, and I believe she is now mature enough to cope with a litter. With any luck, this should mean kittens mid-March. I will keep the website up to date with any more news on this.

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