Our Rats

We currently have a number of rats, both as pets and as part of the breeding plans. They are from a number of breeders, but we have also had rats from rescues in the past.

Current Rats

Breeding Rats

Comis If in doubt, C4 (Jamie) Champagne Dumbo Buck, DOB 26/12/2012

Copyright Lois ElliottI have loved Jem and Michelle’s rats (Comis Stud) for a long time, but it was never the right time to get any. Eventually I just went on their waiting list and as it turned out, Jamie and Adam were the only two bucks from their next litter so I had them both! Jamie is the most affectionate and attention seeking rat you will ever have the pleasure of meeting (apart from him brother!). He needs to know what is going on at all times, and always seems pleased to see you. Due to this, he has done us proud in the pet class at numerous shows. He has recently fathered a litter, and all the kittens have inherited his lovely personality.

Milliways Random Frequent Flyer Dent (Random) – Champagne Dumbo Doe, DOB 22/08/2013

random004Random is from our first Milliways litter, and is a bit of a surprise keeper as I wasn’t planning on having any does stay here. However, she and her littermates were so adorable that I just couldn’t let them all go! I decided to keep Random as she was the shyest and quietest of the does, and seemed to find me a good place to hide. Therefore she spent a lot of time cuddled on my shoulder and we bonded. She has turned into a lovely, confident girl now and did us proud by winning best dumbo in her first show. We have decided to mate her up to Adam when she is old enough to continue the Milliways line.

Gallifrey Symphony No. 6 in F (Beethoven)Black Striped Roan Buck, DOB 11/10/2013

beethoven001Beethoven came to me from Cat at Gallifrey Rattery as a starter rat for my striped roan line. He is a small boy, so we won’t be using him any time soon, but hopefully he is just a slow starter and we will rethink our plans as to whether to breed from him later. He is a rat who loves being with other rats and has become very close to our old boy Brian. They can often be seen curled up together asleep!

Gallifrey Tidy-Up – Black Striped Roan Doe, DOB 11/10/2013

tidyup001Tidy-Up is just as nuts as her sister, but not quite so people orientated. This doesn’t stop her climbing all over me though, and also seems to have taken a liking to eating my hair….. We are hoping to breed her when she’s a bit older, but as we have a couple of other choices it all depends how they develop. Personality wise, she is everything I like in a doe – independent, full of energy, but still happy to be handled and be around lots of different people.

Warrensark Dance by the Light of the Moon (Magic) – Black Striped Roan Doe, DOB 23/11/2013

magic001Mess & Magic were a little bit of an impulse acquisition! I saw that Jayne (Warrensark) had striped roans in her recent litters, and looking at their breeding, I knew they would have lovely type and temperament. I had space for some more does, so I went and had a look. There were lots of lovely girls, and I easily could have come back with more than just the pair! Magic took a little while to settle in, but is now a lovely, confident girl. She is still a baby, and plays all the time. She has boundless energy and can mostly be found running in their wheel.

Warrensark And I Can’t be Changed (Mess) – Black Striped Roan Doe, DOB 23/11/2013

mess002Like Magic, Mess took a little while to settle in, but is now happily ensconced in the group. She is slightly less confident than her sister, but nonetheless a very engaging girl. She loves to climb, and has to be the first to get to the top of everything at free-range and with new cage layouts. I have yet to decide which (if not both) of these girls to breed from, so watch this space.

Milliways Annie Waits (Annie)Agouti Doe, DOB 29/07/2014

Milliways Sara Spelled without an H (Sara)Agouti Doe, DOB 29/07/2014

Milliways Eric Agouti Buck, DOB 29/07/2014

Milliways Ernie – Agouti Buck, DOB 29/07/2014

Milliways EggnogSilver Fawn Dumbo Doe, DOB 10/11/2014



Copyright Lois Elliott

Halcyon That be an ecumenical matter (Jack)Agouti Hooded Buck (Neutered), DOB 26/12/2012

Jack came to us as the last from his litter as he was the same age as Jamie and Adam, and I’d wanted another agouti hooded rat for ages. He was quite a nervous kitten, and unfortunately ended up with an injury during introductions that made him lose the use of his back legs for a couple of months. He is now fine, but the time he spent on his own while recuperating meant we had trouble introducing him back to the other rats. Neutering helped this, but even though he now lives happily with the group, he can still be a little timid. He is a very pretty boy, with loads of energy, but is not a person rat. He will put up with us, but doesn’t seem to need the attention as the others do.

Milliways Eccentrica Gallumbits the Triple-breasted whore of Eroticon Six (Awkward) – Champagne Doe, DOB 22/08/2013

awkward001Awkward is the second keeper doe from our first litter. She is a very independent little girl, but still seems to love as much attention as she can get. She was one of three identical kittens and the litter and we chose to keep her as she was the smallest. She is a gorgeous looking rat, and hopefully as she matures she will get even nicer!




Milliways Here I am, Brain the size of a Planet, and you want me to run in a Wheel…. (Marvin) – Champagne Buck, DOB 22/08/2013

adam_marvinMarvin (left) was one of only three bucks in our first Milliways litter, and one of two champagnes. We chose to keep him as he is a lovely dark colour, though maybe not to all the judges liking. 😛 All three boys were wonderfully confident but still quite laid back. We are just learning Marvin’s character, but he has settled in very will with the rest of my boys and seems to be enjoying having bigger rats to play with!


Milliways The Late Dentarthurdent (Arthur) – Silver Fawn Buck, DOB 22/08/2013

Copyright Lois ElliottArthur is the second buck keeper from our first litter. He was staying from the moment he was born, as he was the only silver fawn buck in the litter. He is a very energetic kitten, even compared to the rest, and never seems to sit still for a second. He is still wonderfully easy to handle though, and is currently learning to live with the big boys.

Gallifrey Clarinet Concerto in A Major (Mozart) – Black Roan Buck, DOB 11/10/2013

mozart001Mozart is a gorgeous cheeky little boy who came as a companion for Beethoven. He is the most affectionate and outgoing boy ever. He is always the first to the front of the cage when you come in the room, and is always trying to escape to go exploring. I am hoping to enter him in some pet classes this year, and also think he will make a wonderful PR rat.

Gallifrey Stop-It – Siamese Roan Doe, DOB 11/10/2013

stopit001Stop-It, like Mozart, came as a companion for a potential breeding doe, Tidy-Up. She has faded to the point of being a PEW, but I think she’s gorgeous! She is a very in-your-face rat, and has to know everything that’s going on. She is full of energy, and loves to bounce all over the other girls which doesn’t always go down well. She is fast becoming one of my favourites (which I’m not allowed to have!).

Milliways Maybe Katie (Katie)Agouti Doe, DOB 01/08/2015

Departed Rats

YDD Lord Nibbler, Supreme Fuzzler of Vergon 6 (Nibbler)Russian Buff Buck, DOB 01/07/2013

Copyright Lois ElliottNibbler is currently the alpha of our group, and a bit of a thug! He likes everyone to know he is in charge, and can be a bit rough with the others if they don’t show him respect. He’s not too bothered by people, preferring to watch what is going on rather than being involved. His Russian coat gives him the impression of being a bit of a mess as it never seems to want to lay flat…..

Copyright Lois ElliottComis SansaSilver Fawn Dumbo Doe, DOB 26/12/2012

Sansa came to stay with us as we wanted to mate her up to my buck, Jamie. She is a feisty little girl knows what she wants, but one who also enjoys a cuddle and some fuss. She has had a litter of 10 and was an amazing mum. She has now gone back to Comis Stud, and it is definitely quieter here without her! She had a second litter for Michele which produced some lovely rats and passed away at the end of 2014.

Comis Am I missing an eyebrow? (Adam) – Silver Fawn Buck, DOB 26/12/2012

Copyright Lois Elliott

Adam is as attention seeking and loveable as his brother, Jamie. They were very confident as soon as they arrived and quickly made themselves at home. Adam still acts like a kitten, has boundless energy, and loves to wrestle with your hands! He is also an avid groomer, and will make sure we are always as clean as possible….. He has done very well on the show bench since we’ve had him, gaining 4 stars and winning stud buck twice. Hopefully he will continue to be successful for a good while longer and I am planning on mating him up to Random in the new year when she is old enough .

Copyright Lois ElliottYDD Missing Piece (Puzzle)Russian Topaz Buck, DOB 01/07/2012

Puzzle and Nibbler were a bit of an impulse acquisition! I was thinking that our cage looked a little bare, and Ellie at Yabba Dabba Doo Stud had two boys remaining from her last litter, so home they came with us. Puzzle was quite petite for a buck, and pretty rather than handsome. He was never an in your face rat, but still loved attention and became more cuddly as he got older. He was a lovely colour rat, and very nice to stroke due to his thick Russian coat. Old age sneaked up on him very quickly, and we had him PTS.

Zappa He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty rat (Brian)Cinnamon capped buck (Neutered), DOB 01/01/2012

Copyright Lois ElliottWe got Brian, and his brother Freddie, as a pair from Fiona at Zappa Stud earlier in 2012. We’d gone through a bad time losing a few of our old boys in quick succession,  so when she offered us a couple of bucks from her latest litter we couldn’t say no! Brian was a very cheeky kitten and always full of mischief. He got rather pushy when trying to become alpha of the group, so we decided the best thing for everybody was to have him neutered. Since then he settled into being a nice calm and laid back boy. He adored people, and was very relaxed in nearly every situation. He always got comments about how relaxed he is at shows. His favourite pass-time was sleeping – anywhere! We had him PTS as he had got to the point where everything was a struggle for him, so it was kindest to let him go.

AceCaledonian Smoke Me A Kipper, I’ll Be Back For Breakfast (Ace)RERBPS Buck

Ace came to us with Eddie in December 2011. They were from two different litters only a couple of days apart. Ace was a troublemaker through and through, but so very entertaining along with it! He enjoyed nothing more than winding up our other rats, but always ran away to shelter on us if he went too far. He loved people and although cuddles were rather boring he thought we make very good climbing frames. He mellowed into quite the lap rat, and used to spend free-range cuddled up on our laps. Recently he developed an ear infection, causing a head tilt, which didn’t respond to treatment. He was still very bright and active though, so we decided to leave him to it. Unfortunately, he developed a lump under his ear which also began affecting his eye, so we made the decision to call it a day. It’s always so much harder to do this when they are otherwise so full of life, though he was only 2 weeks off his second birthday, so he had a good full life.

Caledonian Licky End (Gaspode)Russian Blue Dumbo Buck

GaspodeGaspode was the runt of his litter — small and with a damaged eye from another’s nail. He came to me as still quite a small rat even though he was 10 weeks old. However what he lacked in size he made up for in personality and he was a handful right from the beginning! He loved play fighting with the other rats, and using them all as mobile playthings. You would never have known him as the runt later on in life as he matured into a large and chunky buck. He was always as daft as a brush, and nearly equalled Boots in the lickiest rat. He made it to 29 months old, and making the decision to say goodbye was one of the hardest I’ve ever had to make. His heart was giving up on him though, so it was the kindest thing to do for him.

Caledonian Cullin RBPS Buck

When Lois (Caledonian rattery) was down to her last back, Cullin came to live with me. He was a confident boy, and slotted easily into my group of older boys. He could be a bit of a bully, but mostly with his brother Ace, who could give as good as he got! He was such a character and I really enjoyed having him with us. He was with us a couple of months before we had to have him put to sleep, but I’m glad we were able to offer him a home and company until the end.

Zappa Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy (Freddie)Agouti Variegated Buck

FreddieFreddie was a very in your face rat. He needed to know what was going on at all times and always wanted to be the centre of attention. As such he was very cheeky – stealing things, trying to get where he shouldn’t and generally causing havoc at free range! You couldn’t help but love him though, and like his brother Brian, he was comfortable and confident with anybody. He was also a stunning boy, gaining 10 NFRS stars and making Fiona her first Zappa Silver Champion! His breathing deteriorated very quickly, and we had to have him put to sleep at 19 months – far too young an age. I was upset that we couldn’t have longer with our handsome boy, but glad that we had the pleasure of owning him.

Roobarb (Middle, with Bloo and Boots)Caledonian Roobarb and Custard (Roobarb)BES Buck

Roobarb (above, centre, between brothers Bloo on left and Boots on right) was one of the trio of boys we originally got from Lois at Caledonian Rattery. Having been bred for good temperament, and having being handled from a young age, they were all friendly and outgoing boys from the get-go. Roobarb had an ear infection as a kitten, and even though it was cleared up, it left him with a noticeable head tilt. This didn’t really affect him in any way, and he was always a very active rat! He was not blessed with a lot of brains, but never let that stop him! He was a very people orientated rat, and as such was the favourite of many people. He soldiered on until was a grand old man until old age got the better of him and we had to help him on his way.

Caledonian Cunning Plan (Baldrick)Silver Black Buck

BaldrickBaldrick came as a companion for Gaspode from Caledonian Rattery. I had agreed to take the runt of the litter (Gaspode) and chose Baldrick as the other due to his stunning shiny black coat. He was a little bit of an odd chap — very much like a doe in his behaviour, very active, and loved to climb. He was never much bothered in us as a youngster but as he grew up he turned into a rather affectionate boy, even if he still didn’t really like sitting still for cuddles! He also turned into a rather hunky boy, suprising us by winning stud buck twice. We tried to mate him up to a doe a couple of times, but unfortunately she didn’t take. We had him PTS due to heart problems as he went downhill very quickly.

BlooCaledonian Blooregard Q. Kazoo (Bloo)BERBPS Buck

Bloo was from our original Caledonian trio, and is the main reason I decided to try and breed Russian blue point Siamese. He was a lovely buck — both in temperament and in looks. As a kitten he was a very playful boy, but mellowed out into a very chilled rat. He took over from Ralph as alpha of our group when he hit adolescence and grew to fill the role. He still continued to love cuddles though pushed you away if you tried to give him a kiss! He was very successful on the show bench gaining 20 NFRS stars making him a Platinum champion, and giving enough wins to class him as a Show champion too. He has had one litter (with Caledonian Lilly) though unfortunately some of the kittnes developed epilepsy, so we decided against breeding him again. I found him unexpectedly passed away on 5th November 2012. He was the most amazing rat, and thinking of him still makes me smile.

RalphRoan Dumbo Buck

RalphRalph came to us from the RSPCA with his brother Roland. He was a lovely, friendly chap — a bit more intelligent than his brother, but still no great thinker! He was quite people orientated, and although he lived quite happily in a large groups of rats, he did mostly keep to himself. He loved scritches, and would groom us back if you got him in the right spot! He was a wonderful ambassador at ratty PR event, showing people how lovely rats are. Ralph was put to sleep in August 2012 after developing an abcess in his jaw that would not heal. He was bright until the end and will be missed.

RonanRonanPEW Buck (Neutered)

We got Ronan as a 12 week old kitten from Ratscallions rescue, along with his brother Riddle. They were company for Piggly-Wiggly, our last remaining rat at the time. As they were both partially hand reared, they were both very friendly boys. Ronan was very much a people rat; he adored cuddles, and would sit for ages with you, just happy to be there. He caused more of a trouble with other rats, having to be neutered as he was quite aggressive to Rocky and Rolly initially. He relaxed into a lovely boy, who was a favourite of many. We had him PTS just two weeks short of his third birthday as suddenly all the life seemed to go out of him and it was obvious he was finding everything a struggle. He will always be missed as he was a one in a million rat.

Caledonian Rat in Boots (Boots)BES Buck

BootsBoots was from our original Caledonian trio. He was the friendliest rat you will ever meet, liking nothing more than to have cuddles and give you a good grooming! He was also relatively successful on the show bench, winning best Siamese numerous times and gaining 5 NFRS stars. Due to his lovely nature, he also did well in the pet classes, gaining a NFRS pet point. Unfortunately he developed a lump which is rather unusual for a buck. It was very fast growing and seemingly within the muscle wall so it was inoperable. When it started affecting his quality of life, we made the hard decision to have him PTS.

RiddleRiddle PEW Buck (Neutered)

We got Riddle as a 12 week old kitten from Ratscallions rescue, along with his brother Ronan. They were company for Piggly-Wiggly, our last remaining rat at the time. As they were both partially hand reared, they were both very friendly boys. Riddle was a very independent rat, never wanting cuddles and much more interested in exploring. He stayed like this all his life, and although he didn’t dislike us, we always felt as if he didn’t really need us there! He was PTS early 2012 due to a longstanding respiratory illness at just under 2.5 years old. He was the first rat that we had taken from kitten to old age, and he will leave a hole in our group.

Caledonian Covered in Bees! (Eddie)Russian Blue Buck

EddieEddie was bred at Caledonian Rattery and was from the first litter sired by our Bloo, so we had to have him! He was a very friendly little kitten, and loved playing with his littermates and later on his much larger cagemates. However, when he reached 3 months he started to have fits. Epilepsy is very rare, though not unheard of, in rats and we started him on treatment. Unfortunately this didn’t seem to help, and he died at just 16 weeks old. We now believe that he had a brain tumour which was causing the fits, not epilepsy. His death was very hard to take at such a young age.

RolandRoland Roan Dumbo Buck

Roland came to us from the RSPCA with his brother Ralph. From the beginning he was a very friendly and people-orientated rat. He was rather dim, but this didn’t stop him enjoying life! He could usually be found curled up with his friends, having a brux. He really loved living in a large group and all the others missed him when we had to have him PTS due to respiratory problems.

RooneyChampagne Hooded Buck (Neutered)

RooneyRooney came from the Pets @ Home adoption centre where he was ‘unsellable stock’ as he only had half a tail and also a massively enlarged eye. Our vet diagnosed glaucoma, and the eye was removed. He adapted very well to having one eye and also settled nicely into our group even though he’d not lived with another rat since he was weaned. He was very nervous when we got him, but gradually gained in confidence to become a lovely, friendly boy which was so very rewarding. He died very unexpectedly, which was a huge loss.

RollyRollyBlack Hooded Buck

Rolly was a very special rat to me. Coming to us at 2 years old with his brother, Rocky, he quickly showed us exactly what he wanted! He loved people, food and his brother. If he had any of those three he was happy. He was a very simple rat and would often just sit there bruxing and boggling to himself… He was also a very kind soul, and helped every new rat we introduced to him settle in well. He soldiered on until he was 33 months old, loving every minute of the extra attention he got. I know there will never be another rat like him.

RockyAgouti Hooded Buck

RockyRocky came to us from the Pets @ Home adoption centre. He and his brother Rolly had been there for months before we took them home. Rocky was a very clever boy, and was an amazing alpha to my group at the time. He was about 2 when we got him, and although we only had him for the last 6 months of his life, I like to think he had a nice retirement with us.

Drake, Pants and Piggly-WigglyDrake, Pants & Piggly-WigglyAgouti Hooded and Black Hooded Bucks

These three boys came to my from my brother when he couldn’t keep them any more, and were my first rats since I was a child. They came from a pet shop and were rather un-socialised. Drake was the only one who enjoyed being around us, but we loved them all and they are the reason we have rats today! Unfortunately none of them were very healthy and we lost all three by the time they were 15 months old.

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